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jack fishing LOZ in 1998

Jack at age 17, already putting up some good bass from Lake of the Ozarks.

About Jack Uxa

I remember the first time I went fishing. It was in the summer with my grandfather here in the Ozarks. I was 5 years old or so. He hooked the fish and pretended he didn't so I would reel it all by myself. That planted a seed in me that is still growing almost 30 years later.

After that first fish I went on to bluegill fishing with a bobber and a piece of hotdog on the banks and docks of Lake of the Ozarks. I was "hooked," as they say, along with some of those poor little bluegills. Thankfully I had two uncles who also steered me along the right path. They took me fishing, and taught me a tremendous amount. Without my family teaching me everything they could I wouldn't be here. Certain fishermen are known for holding onto their secrets. They might have secret spots or lures or particular lessons they've learned over the years that aren't for public knowledge. Then there are some fishermen that will help other fishermen as much as they can just for the good of the sport. These are the kind of people my uncles were and I am today.

Jack with a big bass, caught as a teen in the 90s

Teenage Jack with a big Missouri farm pond bass. Photo from roughly 1997.

The details are what set the best fisherman apart from the average fisherman. My first job was at a local tackle store in St. Louis, Paul's Bait and Tackle. Learning and working in the fishing business was really fun. During my college years in Springfield, Missouri, I worked for Bass Pro Shops. I learned a lot there, and it was my experiences at Bass Pro that got me to start entering fishing tournaments.

The tournament fishing started off well with several wins in tiny ten-boat club tournaments. After experiencing this success I moved up to the next rank of fishing tournaments, the Central Pro-Ams and Heartland Pro-Ams, still as a "non-boater" paying to ride along with more-experienced pros. As a broke college kid I was able to earn a little extra money competing against other men in these fishing tournaments.

I wanted to expand my experience, so I took an opportunity to work for a fishing resort in northern Minnesota along the Canadian border called Gunflint Lodge. Gunflint Lodge took me on as their rookie guide in the summers when they had enough business to go around. I absolutely loved my time up there but knew it wasn't home and those cold winters were not for this Missouri boy, so I came back home to Missouri, bought a house on the Lake of the Ozarks, married my wife Angela, and started working at everything I've been learning the last few years.

Jack's Guide Service started off just being a part time job but quickly blossomed into a full time career. I have over ten years of guiding experience now and I still love taking people fishing for a living. I particularly enjoy helping people become better fisherman. Fishing is a sport that can never be perfected. There are always ways to improve and techniques to learn in more detail. Anyone who tells or acts otherwise is full of it. It is an evolving sport. Bass in particular change with time. Some things are consistent while other things require anglers to adjust. I adjust according to my customers' sets of skills to help them catch the most fish. Being a good fishing guide comes down to a few things: 1) being able to communicate well with your customers, 2) adjusting correctly to that day's circumstances, and 3) determination to make every day count.

If you would like to fish Lake of the Ozarks give me a call or shoot me an email. I'm a real guy who just happens to fish 275 days a year. I'll be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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